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Westport Newborn Session Photography | baby emmy

Seeing her parents completely light up looking into her face, smiling at one another those no-words-needed smiles, I can’t help but just smile myself behind the camera and take it all in. These beautiful little moments, these quiet moments. Before they know it there will be the sound of tiny bare feet on the wooden floor and bouncing pigtails as she gets the biggest kick out of following their dog Mookie around the living room. Before they know it she will be leaning over the couch trying to pull herself up onto it with both arms and all her strength even though the couch is taller than her. There will be cheerios on the floor and spoon airplanes being flown around as they feed her dinner. There will be the playing of the song Baby Shark more times than they can imagine. Floating bubbles being chased all over the backyard will bring so much happiness and they will soak in every detail of her face when she finally falls asleep from exhaustion of a fun filled day.

These first few months are so precious and seem to go by so quickly. And gosh, I love photographing the very beginning and think about alllll the amazingness that is to come. Each stage brings with it it’s own unique beauty and core memories that will forever be cherished.

Oh how I loved spending time with the adorable Miss Emmy and her parents! She is the sweetest little angel and the family bond they have was beautiful to document! Here are just a handful of my favorite moments from their in home newborn session…

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