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Meet Ashley

Years ago my life completely changed in the best way possible when my adorable son Greyson came into the world and made me a mom.  Then our sweet baby girl Harper was born and my heart just grew.  Our two kids are everything to me and then some.  Becoming a mother has been one of the greatest honors and blessings to me, and something I am so thankful for each and every day.  They have been the source of so much joy and laugher, embarrassment (kids have no filter sometimes!) and great love.

For me there has been something so sweet and special about each new phase our kids have gone through.  The very precious beginning was no exception.  Before they took their first breath, my husband Chris and I were filled with joyful anticipation… the first few weeks when I couldn’t believe I was finally holding this little life in my arms… the first time Greyson laid eyes on his baby sister Harper… These moments were magical and something I will always cherish.  Looking back at photos of when I was pregnant and when both our kids were first born, I am in awe at how much they, along with myself, have changed and grown and how much our story as a family is still unfolding.

I would truly be so honored to document this exciting and beautiful new chapter in your story!

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