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Fairfield County In Home Newborn Photography Session | baby ayla

Photographing a family in their own home as they embark on a new chapter is truly so very special. It's where they spend the majority of their time and where countless ordinary yet such meaningful moments take place. These seemingly mundane moments, like pearls on a necklace, one by one string together to form their family story. Far from ordinary, these moments create extraordinary strands of cherished memories.

So when I walk into someone’s home, I feel so humbled and honored to be invited there. And not just to be, but to actually be witness to and capture beautiful moments that will be “remember whens” framed displayed throughout their homes.  Remember when our sweet girl was a few weeks old… when she was that tiny… when we couldn’t believe we were functioning on such little sleep…? When her little hand just barely could wrap around our finger...?

Witnessing the wonderful bond between sweet baby Ayla and her parents during their recent newborn session at home was so beautiful. From her mom soothing her to sleep, her dad singing lullabies, to their pup wanting to be close by to witness it all... those were truly extraordinary moments. Grateful for amazing families like this one and the opportunity to capture special moments like these.

Here a handful of favorites from their recent Fairfield county in home photography newborn session!



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