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Connecticut In Home Newborn Session | baby aiden

One of my favorite parts about photographing in home newborn sessions is that they take place in my client’s residence, the place they call “home.” It’s the place they have carved out in this world for their own whether it’s an apartment in the city, a house in the suburbs, a room at a relatives, wherever it may be.  I love seeing the baby’s things bought by the new parents, hand made items from great grandparents, gifts sent by loved ones and hand-me-down favorites from cousins.  

It truly feels special.  Not only are these spaces each unique and personal, but they are sacred places. This is where so much of the beautiful hard work takes place.  The constant rocking in the early morning hours, the feedings in the moonlight, the spills and smiles throughout the day, the diaper changes, the sweet lullaby singing, the spit up, the laughter, the tears, the joy, the challenges, the happiness, the energy, the love and all the other things that make up taking care of a new little life in those first few weeks.  

Walking into this family’s home for their newborn session, you could feel that something special was taking place inside.  A new precious boy was being loved fiercely and taken care of dearly.  It was simply beautiful to walk into their space in this world and watch sweet baby Aiden with his amazing parents.  How lucky this adorable boy is! Not to mention that Aiden’s grandparents joined in for part of the session, which was so very special indeed.

Here are some of my favorites from baby Aiden's newborn session!


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