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Fairfield CT Newborn Session

This summer has been off to a b.u.s.y start with sessions each week with lots of incredible new families and so many families I adore and have been photographing for years! It's been a lot of work, but work that I love and that leaves my heart full.


On my way home from a recent family session at sunset, I do what I often do - roll down all the windows in my car and enjoy the summer breeze while driving home, thinking about the memories I just photographed and letting my thoughts wander. That day I was thinking about something that is such an essential part of photographing all of these families. One thing that is so important for me during a session, which may seem ridiculously obvious, is that it’s fun… for the kids, for the parents, for me. I love playing with the kids, watching the family explore nature as they walk, chatting with the parents about their family, seeing the parents hold their precious blessings in their arms... It's soaking in this special time that has been carved out to celebrate and document THAT family in their present season of life.  When it’s fun and relaxed, the beautiful bond of that family really shines and the authenticity of what makes them THEM comes through in the photos.

I seriously had so much fun with this beautiful family - these boys are adorable and had me smiling from ear to ear with their energy, giggles and stories. :) Here are some of my favorites from this sweet in home newborn session!



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