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Fairfield Newborn Session | baby lennon

It was a cold windy January day and the sun was just beginning to set at the South Street Seaport in New York City. It feels like yesterday walking around the seaport and onto the Brooklyn Bridge photographing one of my sweet newly engaged couples and their adorable pup Chloe. I remember watching them you would have thought it was 85 degrees outside and that they were the only ones in the whole city. It's what I always like to refer to as the "But Them" effect and it's an amazing thing to watch. When they looked into one another's eyes, everything seemed to melt away but them. As they gently held hands and walked on the wooden boards of the seaport nothing existed but them. With the sun setting, they held one another on the busy Brooklyn Bridge and with the crowds of people, no one was around but them. This amazing couple was Lauren and Sean and while it feels like yesterday, that day of their engagement session was six years ago!

Besides their engagement session I had the great honor to photograph their gorgeous Botanical Garden wedding with Chris, then more recently their maternity session and now their entire beautiful family with the arrival of their sweet baby girl Lennon. What a gift it has been for me to witness their love over the years and preserve through photos some of the most incredible chapters of their lives. It continually blows me away that as a photographer I get invited to have a front row seat to some of life’s most amazing moments like these.

This family of five just melts my heart and what a joy it was to spend a morning with them! Here are some of my favorites from their session!

And because who doesn't love a trip down memory lane.... <3


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