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New England Coast Family Session

There is something magical about the New England coastline in the fall. The water is still and it’s cool blue hues seem to dissolve into the skyline. It’s quieter without the summer visitors and the turning autumn leaves dot the shore. It was the perfect place to spend time with this sweet family that I have had the honor to photograph over the years... from engagement session to when these boys were only weeks old. Photographing them each year means documenting and celebrating the change that another 365 days has brought, life that has been lived, love that has been shown, grace that has been given, growth that has occurred. Another year of life in all of its beauty.

This amazing and sweet family is every bit that… amazing and sweet! These adorable boys are growing up so fast - feels like yesterday they were sleepy newborns! I love it every time I get to see this family and gosh it was so hard to pick which photos to share from their session! Here are just a few of my favorites images from their annual family session!


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