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New York Family Session | baby nico

Newborn and family lifestyle sessions continue to have a growing place in my heart and truly leave me feeling like I just got to witness happiness in it’s purest form tucked into the little corners of world. The hope and love that explodes from new life just pours out over everything in it’s presence and fills me with so much happiness!

Last week I headed to New York through winding roads and beautiful woods to document another little light in the world, baby Nico. I had the honor of photographing Emily and Vincent’s engagement session and wedding years ago, so to come to the sweet place they have carved out in this world and meet their son was pure JOY. Due to covid we had postponed his newborn session to this beautiful day and it was truly amazing! Nico’s sweet personality is infectious and I felt like I had a front row seat to unfiltered happiness, hope on display, life to it’s fullest right there in front of me…


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