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Stamford CT Newborn Session baby ella

It seems like just yesterday Kelly and Tim were newly engaged and we were at Tod's Point Beach in Greenwich for their engagement session chatting about their wedding plans so far as the sun went down over the water. They sat on the sand drinking rosé as the tide came in (faster then we thought!) There was love, hope, and anticipation for what the future would hold.  There is such an unexplainable joy and honor I feel to meet any couple's sweet new baby, but it's extra special meeting one of our past wedding couple's little one! What an honor it is to step into their quiet little corner of the world and meet the one that changed it completely. There is a vulnerability, a sweet calm and two people that now see everything differently because they are parents.  Baby Ella was hoped for, thought about and loved before she took her very first breath. And now this sweet love is here! Sooo many favorites from her in home newborn session! 


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