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Stamford Newborn + Family Photography | baby natalia

My love for springtime, with all the new beginnings and hope that comes with it, runs deep. There is something about the fresh newness, unfurling of beautiful blooms and warm air that puts spring ahead of the other three seasons in my eyes. Ok well maybe not ahead of fall... I thiiiink fall is my favorite - spring is a close second. Maybe a tie…? Clearly I’m undecided about this super unimportant topic (lol), but I do know that at the end of winter, my appreciation and anticipation for spring is great. It’s the abundance of life in the details around every corner that just gets me every year.

I often get asked what it’s like getting the opportunity to photograph newborns and their families and if I enjoy it. Truth be told, it’s kind of hard to put into words what these sweet sessions that I thoroughly love are like. But then I realized recently, these newborn sessions are like a slice of spring. I have talked about this before, but there is an energy walking into a home that has recently welcomed new life into it. There is a newness and beauty of a little baby that leaves me in awe. Those tiny fingers and wiggling toes. Sometimes there are hard seasons of winter that have led up to this point, which makes this slice of springtime, this new life, beyond appreciated and adored. Getting to see a baby in the arms of the ones who love it and will continue to nurture it to grow and bloom… well that just gets me every time.

Grateful I was invited to photograph this amazing family and witness them loving on their adorable daughters while soaking in the hope and happiness of this new chapter in their family story. Almost impossible to pick my favorite images from this in home newborn session, but here are some of them! :)


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