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CT In Home Newborn Photography Session | baby sofia

I haven’t always been a morning person but yeeeears ago I consistently started setting my alarm to get up before the world got going. I poured that pre-sunrise cup of coffee to help fuel working on creating my own photography business before going to my full time job in advertising. This is a whole other story for another day, but I think I started to become a morning person then. Then, although totally sleep deprived, those early mornings with our kids when they were newborns. I remember them like yesterday. The quiet hours when it felt like the whole world was still asleep, rocking them while soaking in every detail of them. Oh those were precious moments I will forever cherish and hold in my heart!

Mornings have since been a favorite of mine. There is something about the still moments before the hustle and bustle of the day. New beginnings, endless possibilities, fresh start. Now while I won’t be photographing any pre-dawn newborn sessions (even though I know my newborn families are probably already up!) these late morning newborn sessions when the day is just unfolding, is a winning combination is you ask me!

I headed over to this sweet family’s home recently just as their day was starting to photograph their daughter Sofia, an adorable new beginning. Here are some of my favorites!


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