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Fairfield Newborn Photography | baby perry

As I was going through the photos from this beautiful in home newborn session, both of my kids were standing next to my desk watching the images and memories scrolling on the computer screen. There were lots of “awwws” and “he’s cute” and ALOT of “that’s so pretty!” from Harper.  When I get home from a photography session, they often like to see who I just spent time with and what we did. They ask questions about the family and ask if it was fun.  It makes my heart so happy that they are so inquisitive about something I am passionate about.

After a pause in the comments and questions Greyson asked, “can anyone be a photographer? Like could I be one when I’m older?” Cue the biggest smile on my face… not because I want him to follow in my footsteps necessarily (although it would be cool if he did!) BUT because he truly sees how much I love and enjoy being a photographer and how thankful I am that get to do it!

Last year I had the JOY of photographing this amazing couple’s wedding and now as their journey as parents is just beginning! And can we just talk about their adorable pup Penny who clearly takes her role as big sis very seriously? So cute. :)  Here are just some of my favs from their newborn session! 



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