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New York Newborn Photography | baby wyatt

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

When I started offering newborn sessions a few years ago, I knew right away I wanted them to be in home and lifestyle in their format. No surprise here, but just like with my weddings, I am just so drawn into storytelling with images. For me, there is something about a family being in their little slice of the world and letting moments unfold naturally. Witnessing their chemistry and connection. There is laughter, snuggles, stories shared, books read and playing with their favorite toys. I have found with these sessions there is a certain level of comfort that makes storytelling of this new chapter so very special and uniquely beautiful. I love the perspective given, so that years from now the family can look back and remember when their son’s foot was as tiny as daddy’s thumb. When her hand barely wrapped around mommy's finger. When the older sister wasn't quiiiiite ready to hold the baby on her own yet. When the older brother loved kissing his new baby brother and showing him his tractors. All.of.these.things. It’s storytelling through the details of those authentic moments that steal my heart and what I am so passionate about.

Loved every second documenting and telling the story of this amazing family’s new chapter as a a family of four! Here are a handful of my favorites from their recent in home newborn session…

xo Ashley


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