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Stamford In Home Newborn Session

I learned so much about SO much from photographing weddings for so many years that helped me grow as an artist and hone my craft. One technical skill was the ability to quickly identify beautiful natural light in a variety of places I had never been to before and know exactly which angle to photograph my couples in it.  And it wasn’t just on wedding days - I used to and still do to this day point out to my husband Chris gorgeous light when I see it, whether it’s in a grocery store parking lot, inside a restaurant or at the beach.

This skill is still so important as I walk into my clients’ homes and find gorgeous light to photograph their memories in… the laughter, the snuggles, the connection. Spots to document the chapter they are in so they won’t ever forget it’s beauty. 

There was no shortage of beautiful light and places to photograph this sweet family at their home with their newest little addition, baby Casey! Love my time with this amazing family of four - here are some of my favorites from their recent in home newborn session!


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