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Westport Family Photography Session

Before I head out to a photography session, my daughter Harper always asks the same handful of questions... where am I going to take the photos, what are the kids or baby's names and is she older then them. LOL She gets extra excited when I tell her that yes, she is indeed older then the kids I will be with during that day's photography session. I think it confirms in her mind that she is a 5 year old big girl now! :)

When I return from the sessions, Harper will come into my office and look through the photos with me and ask a whole bunch more questions, but one is always the same: "Mommy, can I PLEEEEEASE come with you next time!?" It always brings a smile to my face when she asks me because I hope one day when she's a little older she can. But the other reason is because she is truly seeing how much I love being a photographer, witnessing me working hard and growing a business, seeing how much I enjoy spending time with my families and creating. That in and of itself is a blessing and something I am so very grateful for.

I get sooo excited each time I get to spend with this amazing family! Their kids have such a sweet bond and they are such a kind and beautiful inside and out. The love they have for one another is so evident and on full display. To no surprise, when Harper saw these photos she doubled down on wanting to come with me next time! :) Here are a handful of my favorites from their annual family session! :)


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