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Westport Newborn Session | baby alyssa

So often when photographing sweet newborn sessions like this one I have flashbacks to when my own kids were this age, this tiny size, this total dependent snuggly little one… gosh it does go by in a blink just like they say. My daughter started kindergarten two weeks ago and it honestly feels like she was just like this adorable baby a second ago!

It's so cool photographing families I have known for years and bringing up the camera to my eye to document the kiddos, only to have flashbacks to doing the same exact thing when they were weeks old… to look through the little black square on the back of my camera to see a sleeping newborn and wondering what their little personality was going to be like. Now here I am in what feels like no time at all bringing the camera back up to my eye only to now see a four year old laughing and running through the sand. I used to wonder what they would be interested in playing with at their newborn session and now here I am talking to them about it… Elsa, tractors, spider man, unicorns whatever it may be!

Getting to witness this is a feeling that’s pretty hard to describe. To see growth, to see change, to see life like that.

What a joy it was to spend time with this family of four and just watch them together. To see their first born daughter take on her role as big sister very seriously, loving on and adoring her baby sister Alyssa. I can only hope I have the honor to bring my camera back up to my eye next year to watch the these two sisters playing and giggling with one another!

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