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Connecticut In Home Newborn Photography | baby nora

As we begin a new year and I reflect on where I have been over the years and where I would like to go with my photography, there is one string that always remains threaded through the fabric of this journey.  I look back at my old vision boards, journaled goals, blog post writings and dreams and see it right there as an unwavering constant… 

It’s always been about the people and their stories.  Always.  

Whether it was my first handful of sessions when I was first starting out as a photographer or now almost a decade and a half in, storytelling has always been at the core.  It's been about being witness to the extraordinary moments woven right into ordinary life and recognizing them as such with a click of my camera.  Those unique beautiful moments in a person’s story.

I am excited to take this month to reflect on the past year and plan for the one ahead… to make some changes to serve my families even better and keep untouched what has been the heartbeat of my craft over the years.  

This month there will be lot of brainstorming and planning. Lots of coffee drinking. Lots of gratitude.

Feeling so grateful to start off the new year sharing this recent Connecticut in home newborn photography session with a family that is just so truly incredible.  They are so deeply kind and caring, loving and full of happiness.  What joy it was to meet their precious newborn daughter and to try and wrap my head around how their son is already THIS old already and has grown so much since I saw him last!  I have said it before and will say it again, how grateful I am for amazing families like this one who invite me to tell and preserve a piece of their story through images.   Here are just some of my favorite moments from their beautiful session! 

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