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Westport In Home Newborn Photography Session | baby gage

Three of the sweetest boys, two of the best big brothers, one of the kindest families. Oh, and one photographer that after over 13 years of doing this, feels completely grateful that she gets to wake up each morning and do what she loves. I know I say it often, but truth be told, when I sit down to write each one of these blog posts about some of my sessions, it’s the overwhelming feeling. That I GET to do this. What a blessing that I GET to do what I truly love, help provide for my family in this way, and GET to meet and know the most incredible families on the planet. This family being one of them.

When the two older boys walked in their house and saw me, the oldest one exclaimed “Hiii!!!! we are ready for picture time!” Oh that genuine excitement that matched my own. To be together as a family (chaos and all), have fun and preserve the here and now is important. This day will never happen again and they will never be this age again, but the memories… Yes those sweet memories are what continue to live on in these images. Here are a handful of my favorite moment’s from this recent Westport in home newborn session!


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