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Fairfield CT Newborn Photography | baby ziggy

Something that I have been thinking about a lot lately is how one of my favorite parts of being a photographer is being a storyteller and what that means… To capture in an image a moment in time and have it make a person feel, remember, reminisce without words.  When I look back at photos of when my own kiddos were first born, it makes me smile seeing how little they once were - their tiny feet and fingers that could barely grasp mine.  I see our smiling faces and remember how joy filled Chris and I were to be holding them and how completely in love we were with them from their first breath.  But I also see the part of the story that others looking at these same photos don’t see.  I see an exhausted mother who was trying to figure out juggling being a new mom and running her own business.  I see new parents navigating all the unknowns that you don’t really know about parenthood until you are knee deep in it, one step at a time together, strengthening our bond even more.  Questioning if we were doing things right, I see us trying our best, gaining confidence, loving the small and big moments, and watching our kids flourish.  I see all of that in our photos when we first became parents and it makes me smile that much more.  There is beauty in THAT. All of that.

When parent’s look at their photos, not only will see their JOY and unmeasurable happiness but they will see their determination, love in abundance, perseverance, humor, leaning into their spouse, and a deep strength.  The parts that really helped them become even more of who they are. For me that's the beauty in being a storyteller, a photographer. <3

I am so excited to share some of my favorites from this recent in home newborn session! This sweet family will always hold such a special place in my heart as their wedding was the last one Chris and I photographed before retiring from photographing weddings a few years ago! What joy it is to continue to capture the beautiful story of this amazing family! 

(Ashley Therese Photography - Fairfield Newborn Photography)


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