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Connecticut Newborn Photography Session | baby casey

With my kids being older now and no longer newborns and toddlers, I find myself living in some of the “but one days…” right now.  I remember thinking…

one day they be riding bikes and playing hide and seek with each other,

one day they will be able to explain in great detail how their day was,

one day they will have their first crush, 

one day they will tell you what they would prefer for dinner and that they can make it, 

one day they will be too big to pick up and carry.

Truly there is something so bittersweet about recognizing the “one days” filing up the right now moments of the present and yet simultaneously looking forward to all the ones still to come.

What a gift it was to spend time with this beautiful family as they soaked in the “one day” moments that are in their here and now.  The tiny newborn toes, driving matchbox cars on the windowsill, sweet puppy snuggles, holding both boys on the couch and taking it all in moments.  The seemingly ordinary moments that are the words to our stories books.

So grateful I have the honor to work with and get to know such incredible families like this one.  It was literally impossible to pick my favorite moments from their in home connecticut newborn photography session, but here is juuuust a handful of them… 


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