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Fairfield Connecticut Newborn Session | baby evan

I have probably said it before, but during my newborn sessions when photographing the sweet baby my mind can’t help but wonder… Wonder what this little one will become, what they will accomplish, where their tiny feet will take them and what their tiny hands will create. I wonder what their personality will be like and wheat their interests will be. So each time I have the opportunity to photograph a family the following year or years after their newborn session, it is so AMAZING to see the change in how they have grown and who they are becoming! It truly brings me so much joy!

This was definitely the case when photographing this beautiful family’s newborn session last week. I hadn’t seen them in two and a half years right after their oldest son was born when I headed to their NYC apartment to meet adorable Miles who was just a few weeks old. Now stepping into their house, there was Miles with a “Hiiiii” and then wanting to show and tell me all about his new camera his baby brother got him. He went down the stairs, up on the couch, and smiled holding his blue camera talking with so much excitement. It felt like just yesterday he was a weeks-old-sleepy-little-one, just cooing and blinking slowly. I just smiled in amazement listening and talking to him now!

As I photographed the newest addition to their family, baby Evan, my mind wandered yet again. I can’t wait to see Evan grow up and see these two brothers bond and play together. “Blessed" to get to document and watch life in this way is understatement of how I feel. So grateful I get to do what I love and for special families like this one. Here are some of my favorites from their in home newborn session!


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