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FAQ: When should I book my Maternity and Newborn Sessions?

How far in advance should I contact you about booking my maternity and/or newborn session and when do you recommend we do these sessions?

As far as contacting me, the short answer is the sooner the better. I only book a limited number of sessions each month (more to come on the reasons behind why I do that in a later post) and so reaching out sooner rather then later to receive details and see if I have availability for the timeframe you have in mind is a good idea! Right now I am already booking into June for my maternity and in home newborn sessions and I am SOOO excited! I do have some availability in the upcoming months before that, so if you are interested, please feel free to reach out and send me an email! :) I would love to hear from you!

The next question naturally is when do I recommend doing your maternity and newborn sessions. While the timing is really up to the expecting parents, generally I recommend doing maternity sessions around 7-8 months pregnant – BUT that timing is really up to the expecting mama and how she is feeling and her preference. Some mamas want to do their maternity session earlier on in the pregnancy once they are showing that sweet baby bump while others choose to wait closer to their baby’s due date.

As for newborn sessions, I generally recommend doing your newborn session within the first 2-3 weeks after the baby is born and you are settled at home. Yet it’s important to note that this date is flexible depending on when your baby makes their debut, how mama is feeling, etc. Sometimes my couples will request to move up their newborn session if the baby comes earlier then the due date. In addition, sometimes we will postpone a newborn session to a little later then scheduled if the parents need more time to get adjusted and settled with their little one. Part of what allows me to have this flexibility to move session dates around is only booking a limited number of sessions each month. :)

Hope this is helpful and I look forward to answering another FAQ about my sessions next week! If you have any questions about this just shoot me a message!



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