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Westport CT Coastal Family Session | Ashley + Patrick

Seeing the world through the eyes of my kids is truly a explainable beautiful gift, slowly unwrapped as they explore new things and grow. It fills my mama heart and makes me take a slower look at the details all around me. As a photographer it’s a gift not only seeing my couples kids see and explore the world, but to see my couple watch their kids. To see the excitement and love on their faces as their sweet son gives them a purple seashell he handpicked… To watch his mom looking at his eyes filled with amazement seeing a seagull fly overhead. To see his dad's face beaming as his son grips his hand and carefully walks along the rocks.

This recent coastal family session with Ashley, Patrick and their adorable son Camden was made up of all of these things - it was wonderfully wonder filled. What a gift to document Camden’s amazement and curiosity and at the same time his parents immeasurable love for him.



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