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Westport Newborn Photography Session | baby christian

It’s such an unbelievable gift to meet a newborn baby, but equally amazing is to see the parent’s watch, cuddle and just take in every detail of their whole world now in their arms. Their faces light up and their voices are slightly higher as they singsong words of love and affection. They watch one another with a new even deeper love and a can't-believe-he's-finally-here smile. It’s the unsaid bond that is so very powerful and incredibly tangible.

With Jenna and Alex, I felt grateful to not only get the opportunity to meet their adorable son Christian but to also see the two of them as parents. I have known these two for years and oh to photograph them as a family of three was another huge helping of happiness!

Loooved every single second with this beautiful family! Here is a handful of some favorites from their recent in home newborn session!



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